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Open, Secure and/or Controlled Access FTP/SCP/SFTP Sites:
These sites are typically used for file storage and distribution of data files that are either too large for email, or need to be available to many people at various times. This can make email unpractical and cumbersome for this use.
Is often used by our clients for off-site data backup of sensitive/valuable data.
Data areas can be secured for private use, or open for download to selected users or everyone, if desired.
SCP/SFTP uses SSL (encryption) for all logins and file transfers for security.

Plan Options: Monthly: Quarterly: Setup Fee: Platform/Type: Disk Storage:
Simple FTP: $50.00 $125.00 $25.00 VSFTP Only 1 GB
FTP/SFTP Private Site: $75.00 $200.00 $25.00 VSFTP/SCP/SFTP 5 GB
Deluxe Site: $100.00 $275.00 $25.00 VSFTP/SCP/SFTP Up to 20 GB
Service Information for all FTP/SCP/SFTP Data Sites:

  • All sites come with 2 upload accounts
  • All sites come with up to 2 separate download accounts
  • Downloads/Uploads can be limited to one or more distinct IP Addresses
  • Additional download accounts are priced at $10.00 per 2 additional accounts
  • Virtual Domains available for your private domains
  • Dedicated-Static IP Addresses for $5.00 a month per site
  • SSL is used for SCP/SFTP sites
  • Detailed statistics available for your site
  • Site logs available for download or can be emailed to you
  • 24x7 Server and Board monitoring
  • 24x7 Standard Support (email/chat/phone)

  • NOTE: FRWS does not allow or have any Anonymous upload sites on its servers.

    FRWS does NOT allow the following on the FTP/SCP/SFTP sites:
  • Anonymous upload file areas. All uploads/downloads are logged
  • WAREZ or -ANY- illegal software
  • Cheats/Hacks/Viruses/Worms or any malicious files
  • MP3, AVI, movies, music or other media files that are not owned by site owner
  • ANY files/documents/data that could be deemed illegal or inflammatory in the USA or the State of Colorado
  • SEE OUR usage policy for further clarification

  • Highly Secure, or Detailed sites ARE available, for special use facilities!
    These can include Medical Data, Business Records, Legal Records/Documents, Proprietary Information, etc.
    Protection can be added for single documents, directories or an entire site.

    Disk or Data area encryption is available on a site-per-site basis, please call (719) 574-5051 for details.

    Front Range Web Services, LLC is a VA Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

    Before ordering any service, please review and agree to our Usage Policy and the FRWS Privacy Policy.
    FRWS reserves the right to deny service to any individual, group, organization or company.

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