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FRWS Email, List Server and Blog Options

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Email Out-Sourcing Services for businesses with their own mail servers?
If you want SPAM and Virus Protection without the maintenance hassles, look

All email accounts and email domain forwarding services have Active SPAM and Virus filtering.
This filtering blocks most SPAM and most all harmful email (Virus infected or those that harbor exploits).

Sick and Tired of All the SPAM?!? Try us out for 30 days - you will NOT be Disappointed!
CLICK HERE for information on our filtering.

The following companies/individuals use our Email SPAM and Virus Filtering Services:
Spam-Be-Gone RBL Industrial Printers Quicker Comm
Teacher Jobs Educator Jobs DTS - CFA Info
Colorado Custom Software Front Range Web Services PeakLink Web Design
Phil Long Ford Stratics GE Johnson
Silicon Valley Connection The Cliff House Valley Baptist Mesa
And many, many more...

Note: See below for information on Single and and Small Business email accounts
(For Corporate Email Services with over 25 users, contact US at (719) 574-5051)

# of Mailboxes: Monthly: Annual: Setup Fee: Type of Service:
One (1) Mailbox: N/A $25.00 $0.00 POP3 or IMAP
Five (5) Mailboxes: $10.00 $50.00 $10.00 POP3 and/or IMAP
Ten (10) Mailboxes: $15.00 $90.00 $15.00 POP3 and/or IMAP
TwentyFive (25) Mailboxes: $20.00 $150.00 $25.00 POP3 and/or IMAP

Service Information for Email Hosting at FRWS:
ALL Email Hosting comes with:
  • Normal Webmail and/or Secure SSL WebMail with POP3 accounts
  • IMAP MailBox Service Available for PDA/SmartPhone/OutLook users
  • Mailbox Forwarding to Services like GMAIL/HOTMAIL/YAHOO
  • Mailbox aliasing, should you requires more than 1 address per mailbox
  • Sorry - Webmail is NOT available for IMAP mailboxes
  • 500MB Average Mailbox Storage, Unlimited Folder Storage for POP3 accounts
  • IMAP users get up to 2GB local mailbox storage, unlimited folder storage
  • Bring Your Own Domain, if you have one!
  • Active SPAM and Anti-Virus Protection on all mailboxes

  • 24x7 Network and Server Monitoring
  • 24x7 Email and Online Chat Technical Support
  • Immediate Phone Support during Business Hours
  • 24x7 Emergency Phone Support
  • Daily Email Backups

  • NOTE 1: For more than 25 mailboxes, simply use multiples of 25 mailboxes, minus 10%

    NOTE 2: Mailbox/Account totals above include aliases and forwards

    NOTE 3: All UNREAD Email Guaranteed held for at LEAST 45 days - per mailbox.
    (Once an email is read via normal POP3, we no longer have copies on our servers)

    Changes to Single and Hosted Mail Accounts:
    Email changes except for email password changes are billed at $5.00 for the month of the change.
    No additional charges are billed for that calendar month beyond the $5.00 charge.
    This includes address changes, alias changes and access problems where our staff has to fix the problem.
    Most problems/issues are easily resolved through your webmail interface, including password changes.

    Adding/Managing Business/Corporate Users:
    FRWS staff can add/delete and manage your email accounts for $20.00 a month as a one-time charge per calendar month.
    There will be no additional charges for that calendar month regardless of how many changes are made.
    This includes address changes, alias changes, lost passwords and access problems that are not the fault of FRWS.
    A Webmin Management system is available for Corporate email accounts so you can manage your own accounts, upon request.

    Email SPAM and Virus Scanning Out-Sourcing:

    Who Should Consider This?

  • You have your own mail server
  • You want the benefits of excellent and effective SPAM and Virus protection
  • You want to maintain local control over your email accounts
  • You do NOT want the hassles of SPAM and Virus filtering!


    Mail Forwarding service to any external mail server:
  • Basic Cost for this Service is $25.00 per month
  • Try us for 30 days, Fees Cheerfully Refunded if Not Satisfied!
  • Your inbound email is forwarded through our email filtering servers
  • Requires only a simple MX DNS record change - setup is clean and easy!
  • Effective and easy SPAM and Virus/Phish filtering
  • Get the benefits of our filtering technology without the hassles
  • Up to 1000 active mailboxes, over 1000, contact us!
  • Individual mail sizes can be up to 100MB - instead of 5-10MB other ISPs use
  • Custom WhiteLists - User supplied or Call In and we will add them
  • Traffic/volume allowance up to 100GBs a month
  • Traffic/volume over 100GB is charged at $20.00 monthly per 100GBs of volume

  • NOTE: There are no Setup fees for these Out-Sourcing services.

    Blogs for you!

    FRWS offers blogs using either the B2Evolution Blog System or WordPress.
    Keep in touch with your friends/group/customers. Post pictures, accept comments and more - all the things you need!

    Features Include:
  • Fully Web Driven with a superb, easy to use interface.
  • These Blogs are fully customizable via style sheets and skins.
  • Can be used for business Workflow management.
  • Multi-Page post support.
  • Full photo management with thumbnail support
  • Group publishing and group rights available.
  • Podcast support.
  • Trackbacks, Comment management, Comment Ratings.
  • Multiple accounts - lets more than 1 person can manage your blog.

  • Check out the blogs at: FRWS Blogs

    Blogs are priced at $25.00 per year (~$2 per month), per Blog

    NO Setup fees

    Get Started Today!

    PLEASE: read and agree to our Usage Policy prior to ordering:
    FRWS Usage Policy

    MailMan List Server Options:

    FRWS offers the MailMan Opt-in/Opt-out Mail List Server System. Your group/customers have to OPT-IN to be on these lists, dramatically reducing the chance of SPAM.
  • Web Driven with a superb and easy to use interface
  • This List System is perfect for all your list needs
  • Lists can be private, public, or notify only (only you can post)
  • Lists have archiving, SPAM protection, user password and opt-in/opt-out capability
  • Lists are priced at $10.00 per month for 2 Lists with member counts under 1000 each
  • Lists are priced at $50.00 per month for 2 Lists with member counts over 1000 but less than 2500 each
  • Lists are priced at $75.00 per month for 2 Lists with member counts over 2500 each
  • Lists with over 5000 members, please contact us for special pricing
  • NO Setup fees with contract for 6 months or more
  • $50.00 Setup fee for each set of 2 lists without extended contract
  • Setup fees waived for lists purchased with an additional hosting contract

  • NOTE: Setup fees do not include list population or any configuration beyond making the list ready and available.

  • $100.00 one time charge to pre-populate a single list with members from a supplied text file
  • $100.00 additional charge applies if changes have to be made to the supplied lists, or if the list contains more than 5000 members

  • Front Range Web Services, LLC is a VA Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

    Before ordering any service, please review and agree to our Usage Policy and the FRWS Privacy Policy.
    FRWS reserves the right to deny service to any individual, group, organization or company.

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